Behaviour Chart «Inside out»

This is one of the most motivating charts you can use in your class. This is how it works:

you should laminate all the pages separatelly and join all of them using paper rings.

Everyday, when the students arrive at the classroom, the students are in «ready to learn».

If they behave properly, they participate, help their peers…they will move to «great job» and if the good behaviour continues…to «outstanding». They can receive an stamp for example or stickers…

However, if they behave badly, they will go to «be careful». We will give them 3 warnings there and if the bad behaviour goes on, we will move them to «contact home».

I use whiteboard markers to write the names on the laminated worksheets.

With younger students we can use clothes pegs with their names or photos and we can move them up and down on the chart.

All the images I have used belong to «Inside out» films.

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